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New Employees Make Bowling Pins At Hopkinsville Factory

May 09, 2011 My Title

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. – Most everyone has been bowling once or twice, but have you ever thought about where the pins come from? They’re being made inside a growing Kentucky factory that’s working to bring jobs back to the U.S.

Most bowlers probably don’t know where they come from, or even what they’re made of. They’re made out of wood, and now they’re also made in the USA.

“We are actually working now to take that facility from Mexico to Hopkinsville and we’ll be making these wooden pins here in Hopkinsville, Kentucky,” said

Ebonite International, headquartered in Hopkinsville makes 50 percent of all bowling balls in the world. Now, they’re taking on pins and putting production for this All American sport back into the hands of blue collared Americans.

Wayne White is one their new hires.

“I was real tickled when they offered me the job here at Ebonite,” Wayne said.

White worked in the auto industry in Kentucky. He said he’s watched local jobs get outsourced overseas.

“They were starting to lay off a lot of employees off so you kind of get the feeling that you could have a job tomorrow or you couldn’t,” White said.

The latest acquisition makes Ebonite the third largest producer of bowling pins in the world. They will ship out about 150,000 this year and are hoping to expand and create more jobs in Kentucky.

CEO Randy Schickert said it’s actually cheaper to produce the pins here. That’s because they streamlined the process, use fewer people, but pay them more.

It’s a decision he thinks many companies could be making.

“I think it’s important to try and keep the focus here in the U.S. we don’t need to be just a service based organization. There still needs to be manufacturing here in this country,” said Schickert.

Ebonite has already added almost a dozen jobs and plans to do another expansion by next year.

- NewsChannel 5 WTVF-TV Nashville TN

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